Present day students like to make decisions on their own and plan their future by themselves. Employers expect students to have multi-disciplinary competency plus leadership skills and be ICT ready. Realising the changing scenario and in its endeavor to provide quality education, VIT University offers the Fully Flexible Credit System (FFCS)â„¢ in its academic curriculum. Under this, students can register for courses according to their interests and academic abilities. FFCS allows students to decide their academic plan and permits them to alter it, if required, as they progress in time.

Under FFCS, each programme has baskets of courses classified under University Core, University Elective, Programme Core and Programme Elective. At the end of the B.Tech. Programme, each student is expected to have the following credit distribution in various disciplines: Engineering (64%), Science (20%), Humanities (8%), and Management (8%). Ample options are given under the University Electives to choose interdisciplinary courses from other Engineering Schools, which help the students to develop additional skills.

The slot-based timetable, coupled with internet based Course Registration in each semester, helps individual students to choose the course they want to study, time of attending a class and even the teacher. Thus, students can make their own timetable and each student in a class may have a different timetable of his / her own.

Students are provided with an opportunity to graduate with double majors – one in their own engineering area and the other from a management discipline. Depending on the interest developed by students in their own discipline or another during their study for a degree, they can choose either an ‘Honours’ or ‘Minor’ credential.

Students having high grades will also get a chance to complete the credit requirements earlier and take up Teaching / Research Assistantships in their final year of studies. They can pursue student / research projects in parallel too.

Other features of FFCS include: Add or Drop of registered courses to balance workload, Course Withdrawal to maximize grades, Course Auditing to gain additional knowledge, Registering for M.Tech level courses for in-depth experience, Course Substitution option, Grade Improvement, Credit Transfer for course migration, programme migration, etc.

Salient Features of FFCS

  • Choice in the order of selection of courses for each semester.
  • Choice in the timings / time slots in the selection of courses.
  • Choice in the selection of number of courses per semester.
  • Choice of preparing his / her own Timetable and Academic Plan.
  • Balanced curriculum with engineering, science, humanities and management courses.
  • Ample opportunities to do inter-disciplinary courses.
  • Soft on slow learners by offering important / common courses in all semesters.
  • Optional Summer / Intersession semester to do courses.
  • Opportunity of under graduate research experience.
  • Value addition with double Major / Minor / Honours option.
  • Branch change option in B.Tech. at the end of first year.


  • VIT has the best faculty resources. The University’s human resource policies offer the faculty and staff 6th Pay Commission scale of pay.
  • The University employs experts from industry, government and International academic institutions as Visiting Professors.
  • Internal funding mechanisms provide extensive research support for faculty and students.
  • More than 155 memoranda of understanding with foreign Universities support study abroad, student and faculty exchange, collaborative research and other international activities.
  • More than 2100 scholars are engaged in research activities in 22 centres of excellence and nine schools.
  • Undergraduate and graduate student involvement in research has become one of the key aspects of the scholarly activities on campus.
  • During the current year, more than 100 international conferences, workshops and on-line presentations have helped link the VIT faculty and students with their counterparts all over the world.
  • Memoranda of Understanding with the Universities in the USA and others have created opportunities for dual degrees at the bachelors, masters and the doctoral level.
  • Academic Staff College plays an important role in the continuous development of faculty.


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