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VIT Student's innovation can make vehicles can now turn safely

Researchers of the School of Electrical Engineering (SEE) of the VIT University, Vellore, have successfully developed a low-cost high-performance capacitor for future Integrated Circuits.

According to Partha S. Mallick, Dean of SEE and principal investigator of the project, the newly-developed capacitor would meet the recommendation of International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) for the year 2018.

Other research group members, D. Kannadasan and Maryam Shojaei Baghini (IIT-Bombay), co-investigators of the project and R. Karthik, Research Fellow of SEE, have together proposed a low-cost chemical process called ‘Anodization’ to fabricate such a capacitor.

“Achieving such a high-capacitance density (6.01 fF/um2) and leakage current density (10nA/cm2) in nano size capacitors were the real challenges, and the Anodization technique has solved the problem for us,” said Dr. Karthik.

Dr. Kannadasan said that Anodization can be an attractive fabrication technique also for other nano scale active and passive components required for Integrated Circuits. The innovators have developed both the single and multilayer Metal Insulator Metal Capacitors using the Anodization process, he said.

Researchers study PVC-GO composites, finds them useful for battery electrodes and more

Researchers from India's VIT University combined studied a new hybrid material made from PVC and graphene-oxide (GO). They say that the GO enhances the properties of PVC and makes it useful as battery electrode material, and also for membranes and coating applications.

The researchers combined polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with graphene oxide using the colloidal blending method. The new composites were studied using several methods (including AFM, SEM, TEM and more) and it was found that the GO have been dispersed homogeneously throughout the PVC matrix, and the original research paper includes many measurements and analysis data.

VIT Kshatriya Departs for BAJA SAE 2014

VIT's Official International SAE Baja Team aiming at Baja SAE Illinois, 2014. Most successful Indian team at Baja SAE USA..Ever.


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